2015 Awards of Merit and Excellence
in Housing and Community Development


NOPE Organizational Awards

Awards of Merit & Awards of Excellence – NOPE has five categories (with several sub-categories each) under which organizations may submit nominations for their projects. These include:

Program Innovation: Resident and Client Services — Includes programs that enhance the lives of residents and clients.
Program Innovation:  Community Revitalization — Includes programs that have a positive economic impact on a neighborhood or city, i.e. balanced growth, economic development, job creation; creative financing, public/private partnerships, mixed-use developments, neighborhood preservation.
Administrative Innovation — Includes programs that improve the efficiency or effectiveness of administrative operations or the general functioning of the agency, i.e. management systems, maintenance, community relations, inter-agency cooperation, computer use, professional development and public relations.
Program Innovation: Affordable Housing Includes programs that produce affordable housing in an innovative manner, i.e. creative financing, public/private partnerships, mixed income developments, adaptive reuse, special needs housing.
Project Design — Focuses primarily on the physical or landscape design of a building or project.  (If what is most innovative is the program or financing rather than the design, the program should be entered in an Innovation Category.)  Specific awards recognize four types of design.

Applications selected to represent the region for the 2015 National Awards of Excellence are:

Whole Building Energy Usage Study by the King County Housing Authority

NHA Computer Lab – Nampa Housing Authority
A Pivotal Point for Domestic Violence Survivors – Housing Authority of the City of Everett
A Very RED Financing Strategy – Housing Authority of the City of Everett

Mayor’s Task Force to End Veteran Homelessness – Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello
Student and Family Stability Initiative – King County Housing Authority
Resource Development Plan – Seattle Housing Authority
Growing Food and Friendships, Community Garden – Housing Authority of the City of Everett
Landlord Incentive Program – Longview Housing Authority

Deskin Commons – Housing Authority of Yamhill County

Applications selected to represent the region in the National Awards of Merit are:
Homeownership Program – Bremerton Housing Authority
Community Health Advocate Program of Spokane, WA – Foundation for Healthy Generations

(Nominees for Awards of Merit and Excellence from NOPE are also considered for nope’s PRAIS Awards annually. See below description.)

2015 Pacific Northwest Regional Awards for Innovative Service (PRAIS) Winners

NOPE reviews nominations for NOPE’s Awards of Merit & Excellence each year and in the process of doing so selects those projects nominated by agencies which demonstrate their innovative service and performance in the same categories as NOPE’s. The projects selected receive PRAIS recognition and awards at the Annual Conference in the Spring of each year. The same projects may also be forwarded to NOPE for Awards of Merit (July Conference) and Awards of Excellence (October Conference).

From these applications above, the 2015 winners of the Pacific NW Regional Awards for Innovative Services (PRAIS) were chosen. Congratulations to the winners!

Administrative Innovation
Whole Building Energy Usage Study – King County Housing Authority

Administrative Innovation
Whole Building Energy Usage Study -King County Housing Authority

Affordable Housing Innovation
A Pivotal Point for Domestic Violence Survivors – The Housing Authority of the City of Everett

Program Innovation: Resident & Client Services
Landlord Incentive Program – Longview Housing Authority

Project Design
Deskin Commons -Housing Authority of Yamhill County

2015 NOPE Individual Awards Winners

President’s Award
nope’s President selects an individual whose past dedication and commitment demonstrates outstanding performance to the field of affordable housing and/or community development and nope’s mission. The award is at the sole discretion of the nope President although nominations are welcomed. The President’s Award is presented at nope’s Annual Conference each year.

The 2015 President’s Award Winner is Sunny Shaw, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City of Pocatello

Sunny’s involvement within nope, NOPE and the affordable housing industry includes:
President – Idaho Chapter of NOPE
nope Conference Planning Committee
nope Strategic Planning Committee
NOPE Regional Sr. Vice-present – nope elect to serve as President
NOPE National Professional Development Committee
NOPE National Legislative Network
National Board of Governors
Past co-chair and current member of the Southern Idaho Homeless and Housing Coalition
Member of the Mayor’s committee to end Veteran Homelessness
Past Housing Chairperson for the NAACP – Pocatello Branch
Serve on the Bannock Transportation Planning Organization Oversight Committee
Presented Rental Preparedness Class to Work Experience seniors each semester at various high schools
Holds the Public Housing Manager (PHM) Credential and Certified Management Executive (CME) Credential through NOPE
Professional Development currently working on:
Become a certified NOPE trainer of Commissioner Ethics and Fundamentals (Pending)
Currently enrolled at Boise State University to work on obtaining Bachelor’s Degree

Congratulations Sunny on this well deserved recognition!